Weird and Hideous Creatures

The most shared manner of defense is to run off in according to animal kingdom. Reasonably, better than fighting, taking off may be a more quick response in the face of danger. If it originates to mammals, various have rather weird means of defense. With unusual defenses, this may allow us to look at some of mammals, that is, this is a result to the earlier list, 10 Birds with odd defences. Do not forget to remark it in the comments if you reflect there is extra mammal deserving of a spot here. Opossum react to possible danger major by mocking, roaring, showing teeth or biting. If all other fails, it gets to the trick that we call ‘playing possum’. As seen that matter, it falls on the ground, faking illness, and starts to drool. In short, it lies immobile, mouth open and teeth exposed, and releases the rotten smell of a body from its anal glands. More info: wonderslist