Heartrending drowned data show a frightening message of Europe’s initial undersea sculpture museum

You might find yourself face-to-face with an eerie crowd of still humanlike figures when you dive into clear blue waters off the coast of Lanzarote. Via seeing in the beautiful scene, these evocatively attractive sculptures are the work of artist Jason deCaires Taylor. He initiated to install the first phase of his unbelievable underwater concrete artwork for Museo Atlantico that represents Europe’s first undersea sculpture museum in the Canary Islands. Based on environment issues, the museum’s unique and permanent collection may look to raise awareness of the threats facing our world’s oceans at the same time the ongoing refugee crisis and moreover stimulating the growth of a large-scale artificial reef. Indeed, the present-day Museo Atlantico may represent almost 300 eco-friendly sculptures and simultaneously an underwater botanical garden occupied with sculptural hybrids of people and native Lanzarote plants.

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