RAfter all its backbones fell out, saving hedgehog diagnosed with stress-connected alopecia

Group of vets made diagnosed him with stress-related alopecia when all of Derek the rescue hedgedog’s spines fell out. The tiny animal is supposed to have lost his prickles due to his traumatic childhood; he ought to be covered with thousands of spines, to keep him warm and to protect him. Via running Herts Hogline, Lynne Garner is anticipating her hedgehog may regrow his spines and accordingly he may wander free again soon. Through a published author of children’s books and crafting books, Lynne said “He’s a fighter and we really want to get him 100 per cent by March so we can release him back into the wild” and “He has a very strong personality”. Moreover, Lynne continued to affirm “If I try to handle him he curls up and bounces around trying to hurt me with his spines but instead I just get hit with a little ball of warm, soft skin.”
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