Look! Russian Dolls Are So Lifelike and They Might Move

Michael Zukav is not playing around at what time it moves toward dolls. The Russian artist’s collection of handmade dolls is fascinating viewers across the world within them looking so faithful that if you blink, you may surprise if they motivated. On his Integra page, he seemed to get over 70,700 followers and quite a few videos demonstrate him precisely pressing and painting parts of clay into flawlessly formed faces, hands and feet included chilling precision. One may not help feel a sting inside own nose when he opened up one doll’s nasal passage; carefully scraping and stretching with a thin metal tool. In 2012, Zukav’s work was initially presented to the public at the fourth international exhibition of “Art Dolls” in Moscow. This is according to his biography on Dollery.com.

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